Could These BlueTooth Speakers Be Better Than The Leading Brands? And At A Fraction Of The Price??

Written By Peter Bannister | June 25, 2024

Here Are The Mind-Blowing Test Results!!

My job is testing and reporting on electronic gadgets. I’ve used almost every type of portable Bluetooth speakers that exist… and I know how important great sound is.

When everyone thinks of super high-quality BlueTooth speakers, one company usually comes to mind. Their signature beefed-up speakers are the gold standard in wireless audio quality. They sound fantastic, usually work flawlessly, and are simple to use.

So, when my company initially asked me to review the brand spanking new TikeTunes™ portable Bluetooth speakers, I wasn’t too excited.

“Ho-hum,” I thought. “Another set of speakers that won’t match the best.”

That morning, the box arrived with a pair of brand-new TikiTunes™ speakers for me to review. I unboxed them and was immediately impressed with the careful packaging.

I have seen lots of cheap clones, but TikiTunes™ have a look of pure class. Their eye-catching design is inspired by the idyllic tiki-torches you see illuminating picture-perfect beach bars in tropical destinations. Featuring an LED-flame effect, they give rooms and outdoor locations a fantastic ambience.

The construction feels extremely robust, and with their IP65 waterproof and dustproof rating, I’d have zero reservations about taking them camping, to the beach or any other rugged destinations.

Before even hearing the sound, I was highly impressed with these features. So many speakers are downright ugly, but TikiTunes look fantastic. In the style department they get top marks.

So far, TikiTunes™ was checking all my boxes, but come on – the real test is how these things sound and operate…

The Real Test - How Did TikiTunes™ Work and Sound?

I studied all the specs and I discovered that TikiTunes™ are fully up-to-date with brand new 2020 technology.

A LOT has improved with Bluetooth devices in the last couple of years. Electronic chips have gotten better. Speaker materials have massively improved. Battery life has doubled and even tripled.

Many of the expensive speaker companies haven’t even made these updates, and have been relying on their name alone for sales. But I was excited to see TikiTunes incorporate ALL these amazing new technologies into their new device. Very impressive

“These are no ordinary speakers. They are a whole new breed of bluetooth speakers built into a robust, super-premium body.”

I charged TikiTunes™ and they reached 100% much quicker than I expected due to their QuickCharge technology. Once fully juiced, it took me just a couple of seconds to pair them with my iPhone, and the same with my Android smartphone.

I fired up some of my favorite rock songs and older jazz… WOW!! I could barely believe what I was hearing!

The bass was deep and strong. I could not believe that this visceral bass was actually coming from these compact speakers. It was electrifying.

And the vocals were remarkably clear with an amazing presence. The treble highs were crisp and airy too. It was really quite something to behold.

Connecting two TikiTunes speakers together exponentially increases the enjoyment too. They pair instantly and give you full-stereo sound to get the absolute most from your music.

My ears instantly approved. I don’t use this term often, but the TikiTunes speakers are simply AMAZING.

I Found Myself Listening Almost All Day!

For hours and hours I listened at high volume (yes, these speakers go LOUD. Much louder than their compact size would have you believe).

And guess what? The battery just went on and on. I set them up for a BBQ while we had friends and family visit, and put them at full volume as we were quite a large group. Day turned to night, and TikiTunes were still going strong with plenty of juice left in the tank by the time they went home.

“Man, these things were a win-win situation. The price was amazing, the quality was high, and the sound was spectacular.”

Usually I have to send back my review devices, but I wanted these TikiTunes speakers for myself! So I paid the money and kept them!

I wholeheartedly give the TikiTunes™ speakers a massive THUMBS UP!


Here are the details:

  1. SUPER HIGH QUALITY – TikiTunes™ speakers are precision made and the build quality is as good or better than anything out there.

  2. LATEST BLUETOOTH MODE FOR INCREDIBLE RANGE – TikiTunes™ uses Bluetooth Mode: A2DP1.3/HFP1.6/HSP1.2/AVRCP1.6/D11 which means it is up to date on the latest specs. This gives you great sound quality and enormous range. UP TO 33 FEET from your phone or computer!

  3. BIG, POWERFUL LONG-LASTING BATTERY – Fast charging with the included case and cable, and extended battery life! 72 hours of standby time!

  4. CONNECT TWO SPEAKERS FOR FULL STEREO – You can instantly pair multiple TikiTunes™ to more than double your enjoyment, giving you true-stereo sound to get the most from your music.

  5. COMPATIBLE WITH APPLE, ANDROID, AND ALMOST ALL LAPTOPS – Fast, trouble-free pairing and strong, persistent connections. No annoying disconnections or dropouts!

  6. IP65 WATERPROOF AND DUSTPROOF RATING – Relax at home or take these things on any adventure. They’re built to stand the test of time against nature’s elements.

  7. FANTASTIC, UNIQUE DESIGN – The LED tiki-torch flame effect is the real deal. It adds a fantastic ambience to any location these speakers are placed.

  8. SUPER HIGH VALUE – INSANELY GOOD PRICE FOR THE LATEST, TOP-QUALITY TECHNOLOGY! You will be so happy with TikiTunes™ speakers, you’ll want to order two or three to get the full-stereo sound, or as a gift to friends and family members. And with such a great price, you’ll be able to afford them easily.

Is There Any Downside To TikiTunes™ BlueTooth Speakers?

YES, the “downside” is that they are selling like crazy. Thousands and thousands of units per week. The “downside” is that they may sell out before you can snag yours, so get to the official website RIGHT NOW and get the bargain of the year!

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