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Written By Tucker Johnson | June 25, 2024

We Tested HumidiFi To See Why!

As a health reviewer who often works from home, the dry air where I live has been a real problem for skin and sinuses. It’s not like I don’t have access to a humidifier – I’ve reviewed at least 5 of them over the last year, but they’ve never worked like they claimed to.

So, when a brand new device called Humidifi landed on my doorstep, I wasn’t too excited.

“Uh oh, another humidifier that will struggle to cope against with the extreme dry air we I live”, I said under my breath.

But this time – I couldn’t have been more wrong.

That morning, the package arrived with the brand-new portable humidifier inside for me to review. I opened the box and was immediately impressed with what I saw.

Some portable humidifiers look a bit clunky or flimsy, but Humidifi is the exact opposite. Made from premium polymers with chamfered edges, I could immediately see it’s built to last. It’s so compact you could easily place it in any corner of your room, and its sleek, pristine-white finish adds a touch of style to my home.

It was definitely the best-looking humidifier I’d seen, so I really hoped that Humidifi would function just as great as it looked. But because all the other portable humidifiers I’d tested had been so mediocre, I tried not to get too excited.

So far, Humidifi had checked all the right boxes, but come on – the real test was how good it is at giving the air in your home that much needed moisture.

The Real Test - How Effective Is Humidifi At Humidifying Homes?

I studied all the specs and discovered that Humidifi incorporates some of the newest technical advances in 2020. That’s when I started to get excited.

Unlike other portable humidifiers, Humidifi houses patented smart technology which is 5x more powerful and effective at humidifying large environments. The potential benefits of this new tech were huge.

“This is no ordinary humidifier. Humidifi’s advanced design and patented, smart technology put it leagues ahead of other humidifiers on the market.”

It turns out there have been some huge advances in how to regulate the humidity of environments in the last two years. But so far, Humidifi is the only portable humidifier to implement them. Very impressive!

I poured a cup of water into the Humidifi’s tank as instructed, then plugged it into a wall socket and switched the thing on. That’s when my opinion suddenly skyrocketed a few dozen notches.

Within minutes I could feel the dry air in my home being replaced with a refreshingly humid atmosphere – SUCH a relief in my arid living room!

The air in my home normally feels so dry that it aggravates your throat and lungs, but within 3 minutes I found myself breathing so much easier. Words can’t describe how much of a difference it makes! Especially when sleeping!

When placing Humidifi in the bedroom, I noticed the benefits that very first night. Instead of waking up feeling lethargic with a parched dry mouth, the moisture in the air meant I woke up feeling invigorated with a real spring in my step. And for my wife, it’s done wonders for her asthma and allergies. For anyone who suffers from allergies this is an absolute godsend. And for those with babies and small children in dry environments, this is pretty much a NECESSITY.

And then there’s the huge positive effect it’s had for the plants in my home. My wife and I are quite green-fingered and love brightening up the home with greenery. Before Humidifi, all our plants would end up with crisped, brown leaves in the summer – very unsightly. But within a couple of weeks of using Humidifi, all our plants look so much healthier. It also means we can buy beautiful tropical plants for our home that previously had no hope of growing.

I couldn’t believe it. I don’t use this term often, but Humidifi portable humidifier is simply AMAZING.

I Stayed Fresh And Relaxed The Whole Day (And Night!)

With variable settings I can easily adjust Humidifi to a humidity that suits me. I left it running throughout the day, and because it’s so light, I can easily pick it up and transport it to any room in the house. But wait…

I can hear the questions now… how much power are you using with this thing left on all the time?!

The answer – virtually none. Unlike the big, 3500W humidifier units we’re all used to seeing that cripple your energy bills overnight, Humidifi runs at less than 10% of that power. With A-Rated energy efficiency levels, it means I can leave it on WHENEVER I like – without worrying about unexpected bills. A huge relief I assure you! It’s also so quiet you can barely hear it running.

“Humidifi is a win-win situation. The price is amazing, the energy-efficiency is superb, and the humidity levels it provides are spectacular.”

Usually I have to send back my review samples, but I wanted to keep Humidifi for myself so I could enjoy a fresh, perfectly humid home all year long. So I paid the money and kept it. ZERO regrets!

I wholeheartedly give Humidifi portable humidifier a massive THUMBS UP!


Here are the details:

  1. ADVANCED HUMIDIFYING TECHNOLOGY – Humidifi incorporates patented, ultrasonic technology that is at least 5X more effective than any other portable humidifier on the market

  2. RAPIDLY HUMIDIFIES HOMES IN UNDER 6 MINUTES – For bedrooms and living rooms it’s absolutely ideal. It can humidify an arid 400sqft room in under 6 minutes. Of course if your room’s smaller, it’ll work even quicker!

  3. SUPER-SIMPLE TO USE – Just plug it in, fill it with water and turn it on. Humidifi instantly begins humidifying rooms to your desired level, thanks to it’s easy-to-change variable settings.

  4. SLEEK & STYLISH DESIGN – This thing looks fab at home and easily blends in with your decor. And with 7 different colors to choose from, you can pick and match to suit your exact style.

  5. A-GRADE ENERGY EFFICIENCY – Unlike other full-sized humidifiers that send your energy bills sky high, Humidifi consumes low amounts of electricity so you’ll never need to worry about big electricity bills.

  6. AMAZING VALUE – You will be so happy with Humidifi you’ll want to order two or three to give to friends and family members who suffer with dry, uncomfortable air at home. And with such a great price, you’ll be able to afford them easily.

  7. CAST-IRON MONEY GUARANTEE – If for any reason you think Humidifi isn’t for you, just send it back within 30 days and get a full refund, no questions asked.

Is There Any Downside To Humidifi Portable Humidifier?

YES, the “downside” is that they are selling like crazy. Thousands and thousands of units per week. The “downside” is that they may sell out before you can snag yours, so get to the official website RIGHT NOW and get the bargain of the year!

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